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Charter Unleashes 60 Mbps Broadband

Everyone likes a fat pipe, and Charter Communications plans to provide said pipe by offering customers the fastest residential broadband service on the market today: 60Mbps!

Although not as fast as the blazing 160 Mbps internet connection speeds predicted for 2009 (according to Comcast), a 60 Mbps connection is still better than anything available today in the U.S. And what better way to complement that fast, smoking rig than with a fast, smoking broadband internet connection than with Charter Communications' High-Speed Internet Ultra60?

“Not only are we delivering the fastest speed today, but our infrastructure has the capacity to support even higher speeds as demand and usage grow,” said Ted Schremp, Charter’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Charter’s ability to provide increasingly greater bandwidth is critical to our customers’ use and enjoyment of the Internet and delivers greater value. It also highlights our growing superiority over DSL service.”

Currently Charter is testing the Ultra60 service in the St. Louis metropolitan area, with additional markets to follow. The company also stated that it will boost Charter High-Speed Internet Max from 16 Mbps to 20 Mbps at no additional cost.

“Speed and reliability are what consumers value most, and we offer the fastest and most reliable speed,” said Marwan Fawaz, Charter’s CTO. “In addition to select Ultra60 deployments, we’re increasing our 16 Mbps service to 20 Mbps nationwide so our customers can take greater advantage of rapidly growing interactive applications available on the Internet and to help telecommuting workers become even more productive.”

Charter said it is using DOCSIS 3.0 (Data Over Cable Server Interface Specification), the industry's next-generation modem technology that combines multiple channels together to allow higher connection speeds... basically squeezing more bits into the same pipeline. According to an article over on Multichannel, the new technology will help cable operators "defensively" in areas where Verizon offers FiOS and let them play offense where DSL is the rival.

Apparently, Charter's Ultra60 service will cost subscribers a whopping $139.99 per month, or for an extra $10 discount per month, customers can subscribe to the Ultra60 bundle that includes the broadband connection along with TV or phone service. However, given the state of the economy and current consumer spending habits, it will be interesting to see if Charter - or any other super-fast broadband service provider like Verizon and Comcast - can even sell the service.

Charter also said that it will not impose a bandwidth-usage cap on any high-speed broadband service, so that might actually be a huge selling point for heavy downloaders.

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