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Diversify internet marketing

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You hear the phrase diversify from investors and wall street analysts alike, telling you to put your money in several investing areas to spread out your portfolio. This way if one sector has gone bad, you have the other investments to help keep you going. The same rule applies to your internet marketing strategy, diversify your efforts and never put all of your eggs in one basket. By using only one marketing stream for your website, you are limiting the potential and possible business you could be gaining from using other marketing techniques.

Good Situation Gone Bad

I have read many times on marketing forums where a business owner has had success with either their SEO or PPC campaign then all of a sudden they lost the rankings or the price per click has shot up drastically. They scramble to ask around for an easy solution to their problem, however in some cases their is no solution but to wait and see what the search engines do. For the past year you may have relied on a few great ranking keyphrases for your traffic, then the search engine does a dance and you have vanished from the front page. Yes the term dance (Google dance) is used in the marketing industry and that is when a change has been made to the ranking algorithm and rankings dance around for a few days to even weeks.

Another example that I have seen is a business owner’s PPC cost continues to go up and never seems to really straighten out for an extended period of time or they are the victim of click fraud. Instead of being able to pause the campaign to see what changes can be made to help lower the cost, they continue to poor money to keep the campaign going because they have no other marketing streams. Many people just continue on this one way path not realizing what else they can do to market the services or products they offer.

Build Forks In The Road

We tell all of our clients with a new website that are interested in search engine optimization services to consider a pay per click campaign (PPC) to help bring instant traffic to the site. This is one way of creating a second marketing stream for your website, adding other PPC companies (Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Etc.) will just create more streams. Build these forks in the road for your internet marketing strategy so if one is not performing as well, simply go down another road you have already laid out and your business will not be brought to a screeching halt.

How Many Streams Can I Have?

The real answer to this is simple, what is your marketing budget? If Google Adwords is charging $5 per click for some of your keywords, take a look at Bing, Yahoo or Facebook and see if the cheaper traffic will convert for you. Instead of putting what little budget you have into an Adwords campaign, you can create three streams for the same price to test with. You could also look into different affiliate networks and run campaigns to produce leads or even sales to your website. The amount of streams you can have can be high, but it really boils down to how much money can you afford to spend on advertising your website.

Think of it like a numbers game, the more streams you have, the better your chances for increased business and profit. To manage this you would need to be testing the results for each campaign and make adjustments as needed to either help raise the conversion rate or lower the cost. Affiliate networks are pretty set with a price unless you order more, then the price will go down. Then again, if you sell products on your website, you could always setup your own affiliate structure and pay other people directly for everything that is sold by them.

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