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  • Hacker (term), a contentious term used in computing for several types of person
    • Hacker (computer security) or cracker, who accesses a computer system by circumventing its security system
    • Hacker (hobbyist), who makes innovative customizations or combinations of retail electronic and computer equipment
    • Hacker (programmer subculture), who shares an anti-authoritarian approach to software development now associated with the free software movement




  • The Hacker (Michel Amato, b. 1972), French electroclash and techno producer
  • Alan Hacker (b. 1938), English clarinetist
  • Benjamin Thurman Hacker (1935–2003), U.S. Naval officer
  • George Hacker (20th century), U.S. lawyer, head of the Alcohol Policies Project
  • Katrina Hacker (b. 1990), American figure skater
  • Marilyn Hacker (b. 1942), American poet, critic, and reviewer
  • Peter Hacker (b. 1939), British philosopher
  • Sally Hacker (1936–1988), feminist sociologist
  • Arthur and Ron Hacker (20th century), brothers who formed Dynatron Radio Co in the 1920s and Hacker Radio Ltd in the 1960s in Maidenhead Berkshire UK, one time royal warrant holders as supplied Radio equipment "By appointment" to the royal household.



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